my commissions are currently closed
and will be moved to ko-fi after my current queue
is all worked through. thanks for your patience!

art by sunshinesleeper based on a meme by acemiku

terms of service

will drawwill not draw
feral or anthro animalsNSFW, fetish art
fan characters/self-inserts (including canonxoc/selfshipping)anything with racist, homophobic, transphobic, antisemetic etc. tones or themes
canon fictional characterscomplicated mechs
real people, petsguro, detailed gore

❤ I take payment through PayPal. alternate payment methods can be worked out if neither of these are available to you.

❤ when ordering a regular commission, you have the choice to either pay a 50% deposit upfront and the other 50% once the commission is finished, or to pay the full price up-front. I must recieve some sort of payment before I begin working. for more expensive commissions, I am happy to work out payment plans etc! for freelance opportunities, contact me directly through social media or through my business e-mail.

❤ you may ask for a refund. however, if I am past the sketch stage you will not be refunded in full. the amount I refund you depends on the complexity of the commission and how much time I have already put into it. if the artwork is nearing completion, you will not be refunded. you will also not recieve the artwork in any form if you ask for a refund.

❤ if you choose to re-post the commissioned artwork, or use it as an icon or header on social media, you must credit me. just stating "art by @katkitters" in the post, or in a bio or pinned tweet, is enough!

❤ you may print out copies of my art for personal use, but not commercial use. for example, printing it to put on your wall or to use as a badge is totally fine, but selling prints or stickers of my art etc is not. if you'd like your commission on a button, sticker, etc, I'm also happy to list it on Redbubble for you! (I would never list commissioned art on Redbubble without explicit permission.)

❤ you do not have permission to use any of my artwork commercially unless I have personally stated otherwise. you may not use my art for NFTs or on the blockchain, or for any crypto-related endeavours. if you want to commission me for art that you will use commercially, please inform me beforehand so that we can come to an agreement.

❤ please understand that I have various disabilities that impact my work rate. I am also a full-time university student. my turnaround is usually a little longer, but I will always give updates whenever I can/if you ask for them!

for freelance work/opportunities, please contact me personally to work out a quote. thank you!

❤ all prices are in USD. please contact me if you would like to pay in GBP instead.
❤ these prices may go up or down depending on the complexity of your order or your character design. more complicated artwork takes longer, and therefore I will charge a slightly higher price!
please contact me directly if you have any questions. you can find my links on the order page :]

mini icons

a set of pixel icons perfect for toyhou.se profiles, artfight profiles, or other methods of character organisation!

$10 per icon
order 4 or more icons: 50% off!
(e.g 4 icons for $20, 6 for $30)
+$3.50 per icon for a complex character


a full-body of your character with cutesy chibi proportions. you can choose between smooth colouring (first & second example) and textured colouring (third example)!

flat (lined or lineless): $40
shading: +$10
extra characters: +$15 each


a full-body drawing of your character! background can be a very simple scene, a gradient, a pattern, or transparent.

flat, lined: $50
flat, lineless: $60
shading: +$20
extra characters: +$30 each


a fully shaded scene including your character, with either a simple or complicated background and props! these typically include more complex shading and composition than a regular fullbody. prices for these are generally more flexible depending on the scene so these are not fixed rates, merely suggestions!!

one character + simple scene: $70
one character + complex scene: $90
extra characters: +$40 each

reference sheets

a reference sheet featuring, at the least, a front view, back view, bio and colour palette (design notes optional).
more complex reference sheets can include multiple outfits, pelt views or specific marking views, headshots, props, etc.
prices are extremely flexible to allow for customisation to your needs! the prices displayed are simply suggestions.

simple reference sheet: $60
complex reference sheet: $80

how to order

once you've figured out what you'd like for your commission, please contact me privately through one of the methods below!

discord: katkitters#8169

if you're stuck on what to say, here's a form that you can fill out!

commission type:
character reference(s):
shading: Y/N
paypal e-mail: (for invoice)
details: (pose, background, outfit, specific requests, etc)